Pay Fauxn is an obsolete pay phone at defunct nursing home at a bus stop in New York City. No free air. 


Norms of Pay Fauxn (rapidly devolving as appropriate)

-       ANTI-OPENINGS: Openings must be no longer than 10-13 minutes (allow for 17 under unusual circumstances but keep it moving).

-       SOCIALITY: Director must warmly greet every visitor and introduce them to each other and the artist.

-       PR: Don’t invite more than a handful. Announce day of or before, but never give address. Anti PR. Conforms moderately to convention.(UPADATE January 2018 - NO PR)

-       PROP FOR THE HAND: There is a beverage. When people stand around awkwardly on a side walk, just as in a white cube, it helps to have something in your hand. Notice that smokers light up right away – awkward – bring drinks for everyone. Hand people a can for the hand.(UPDATE January 2018 - no beverage. Give necklace sculpture to artist. Put it around their neck.)

-       POEM/GIFT: Do something unexpected. Visitors get an envelope. Told to open when they get home and they are alone. It is a directive – think about how pay phones invite a certain kind of sociality and public (mis)communication. Dead media. But users re-purpose the phone. Have sex in it, sleep in it, pee in it, throw garbage in it. Reflect on pay phones and changing relationships – to technology and multispecies inter/intra-actions. PF Gallery is an abandoned pay phone in a blasted gentrified urban landscape. (UPDATE January 2018 - the artist is the poem.)


Payfauxn  winter