A RANDOM PAY PHONE IS RINGING. DO YOU ANSWER IT?(Yahoo Answers - 8 years ago) 

Not lately. These days I never really notice any pay phones honestly. I remember as a kid I had been with my mommy at the laundromat and the payphone in the place kept ringing and ringing. My mom told me to ignore it and not pick it up. When she wasn't looking I decided to pick it up and yell at them for calling so much. I said something like "Leave us alone! We're washing clothes now, you butt-face!" Something childishly stupid like that. Also, as a kid I used to go make prank calls to kids at school from the pay phone by the 7-11. That was fun.(Sinister Sesame)

I love random payphone calls! Those are always funny to answer. At an old hospital I used to work at, people would call the payphone and prank. It was fantastic.(Sui)