a call for assistance, a miscommunication of basic information, an outreach for contact, a glimpse into the void, a plea for understanding, an undelivered message, a sound trapped in a cocoon:


Smarmy Ostriches Sunning

Seventeen Orange Somethings

Samurai Oscillating Sonorously

Sore Orwellian Sodomites

Secret Orgasm Systems

Scatterbrain Outlaw Shamans

Sullen Ocelots Swelling

Shit Offal Songs

Seismic Obese Sagas

Sidewalk Oasis Skullduggery

Sadistic Outgas Sputterings

Saccharine Overcooked Syntax

Strange Optic Silences

Sonic Oink Survivalists

Supreme Ozone Syllables


-Brice Brown